Class Descriptions - Group Exercise

The entire Yale Community is welcome to all classes! 

All Yale faculty, staff and spouses/partners are welcome to our classes.  The “non-member” rate listed is for those Yale community people who are not currently Payne Whitney Gym members.


Body Blitz: Alternating 3-4 minute intervals of strength with cardio conditioning, this class is designed to ramp up your heart rate!   Using a step (simple choreography!) for cardio and lighter weights/higher repetitions for muscle tone, be prepared to sweat for an hour with June!

Boot Camp:  A high-intensity cardio and strength conditioning class that includes athletic strength training and military-style drills. The instructor will stress correct movement technique and will show modifications for all levels.

Cardio-Kickboxing: An amazing aerobic experience, utilizing martial arts based kickboxing techniques to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, and balance. No prior martial arts experience necessary. Find this course listed under “Martial Arts” in our course catalog.

Shred & Sculpt: With the use of light weights and your own body weight, this class helps students push to build and tone muscle; burn calories and strengthen the core.   

SpinningClimb aboard our specialized bikes and enjoy this unique mind-body experience. Our instructors will lead you through a variety of courses as you “ride with the pack” in this class, limited only by your stamina and imagination. These classes are unlike anything else you’ve experienced before. The bikes are brand new and the music is loud. If you like cardio workouts, you’ll love spinning!

Zumba: Often described as a “fitness party”, Zumba includes fast but easy moves that with allow you to achieve long term goals while having fun! This unique and popular fusion of Latin rhythms and easy to follow dance movements creates a dynamic and fun aerobic fitness experience.



Agrentine Tango- Beginner: Learn this wonderful dance in a basic dance class consisting of footwork, lead and follow techniques taught with authentic Argentine Music.

Agrentine Tango- Intermediate Advanced: A more challenging class for students with some previous Argentine Tango experience. This class will have more complicated combinations and advanced movements than the introductory class to take students to the next level of this classic dance platform.

Ballet - Beginner: For those with little or no ballet experience. Introduction to basic positions and movements of classic ballet.

Ballet- Advance Beginner: For those with some ballet training, burgeoning intermediates and those with previous performance experience who wish to take an enjoyable class.

Ballet- IntermediateFor those with several years of ballet training and current performers. Students should be able to execute the ballet lexicon with proficiency.

Modern Dance, Intermediate: A slightly more challenging class for students with some dance or movement experience. This class will have more complicated combinations, while implementing techniques from various choreographers including Cunningham, Taylor and many more. Have lots of fun and great exercise utilizing creative movement techniques.


SALSA Learn to dance Miami Style Salsa, a combination of Cuban style with exciting dance club moves that you can use at any social club or party. This class is geared towards advanced levels and no partner is required. We will not only teach you moves but also focus on styling, leading (for men) and following (for the ladies), key tools that will give you confidence and make you look great dancing.

Pregnancy fitness: Combines yoga based mind-body and special pregnancy exercises as well as appropriate cardiovascular movement to prepare for labor, ease the discomforts of pregnancy and facilitate mother’s recovery. Class also provides enjoyable social support.

Post Partum/Mom and Baby Fitness:  Strength and cardio exercises to regain core body strength and ease the transition from pregnant to postpartum. The exercises help facilitate mother-baby bonding.

Martial Arts:

Tae Kwon Do (The Way of the Foot and the Fist): This Korean based martial art form uses the hands and feet in blocking and attacking maneuvers. Class emphasizes the use of the whole body, enhances flexibility and coordination, and increases aerobic capability, while mastering the skills of this art form

Self defense for men and women: Learn vital self defense techniques in this valuable class, taught by our Martial Arts staff. Learn to defend against sexual and other forms of physical assault and partake in discussion related to general campus personal safety. A practical class for modern day city living.

Cardio-Kickboxing: See “Cardio” Section for Description.

Sports Skills:

Fencing: Basic introduction to basic skills of footwork, stance, use of weapon, and related strategies of fencing. This class is taught by our wonderful fencing coach, who is one of the best coaches on the planet. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a true master. No previous experienced is required.

Squash Fundamentals: This class will introduce the basics of this wonderful sport, including the rules to the game and the scoring systems. Students will learn the right positioning of how to serve and returning serves along with developing the basic skills necessary to sustain a rally.

Adult Beginning Swimming: For those who have minimal or no water skills, and/or limited familiarity with water environment. Learn to become comfortable in the water and improve some of the basic stroke techniques, including the crawl stroke and other elementary strokes as appropriate. Work at your own pace with close guidance from the instructor.

Adult intermediate- Advanced Swimming: For those who have some swimming experience and are comfortable in the water environment. Coordination and refinement of strokes and water skills is the focus of this class. Instructors will challenge each swimmer as skill level and comfort level permits.


Level 1: Exploration: Help students feel relaxed and enjoy the water safely. Work with breath control, floating and kicking.

Level 2: Primary Skills: Achieve success with fundamentals of Level 1.

Level 3: Stroke Readiness: Practice Level 2, Coordinate crawl stroke, intro elementary back stroke, tread water, and begin to dive.

Level 4: Stroke Development: Develop confidence and endurance with strokes from Level 3; introduce new strokes and turns.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement: Coordinate and refine key strokes. Work on butterfly, open turns and surface dives.

Level 6: Skill Proficiency: Refine strokes for ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distanced.

Refund Policy:  Requests for refunds will be pro-rated and must be made in person at Payne Whitney Gym, Room 509.  Hours for refunds are:  Monday-Friday, 1:30 pm-4:45 pm.  Deadline for refunds is friday january 27th.  No refunds will be issued thereafter, except for medical reasons (documentation may be required). 

Questions about our classes? Please email us at or call 203-432-1431 if you have questions about any of our classes.