Payne Whitney Gym Membership Information

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Membership Academic Office Hours

  • Tuesday-Friday - 10am-2pm, 3:15pm-6pm
  • Saturday - 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Closed Sundays  and Mondays (2:00p-3:15p for lunch)

Optional Services 

  • Towel Service - Members may elect this convenient option for a reasonable term fee. Simply stated we provide you with a fresh, clean towel when you arrive at PWG. Although we dispense towels 'one-at-a-time' you may use as many as necessary just revisit the Lobby Desk and trade in the soiled towel for a fresh one. At just pennies a day towel service is a very worthwhile and smart choice!
  • Locker Rental - A limited number of lockers are available for rent during the selected membership term. Rental prices are based on locker size - half, full, or oversized - and selected membership term. Rental agreements terminate when the membership term expires and all items in the locker must be removed. Personal Items must be removed from the locker or they will be discarded. Coin-Operated Transient Lockers (daily use with no overnight storage) are available and located on the 3rd floor.
  • Guest Passes - Bring a friend with you on your next visit and show off the PWG. Members may purchase daily passes for up to two adult guests per day at the Membership Office or Lobby Desk. The guests accompanied throughout the visit by the sponsoring member are entitled to exercise or work out in the facilities within the appropriate guidelines. There is a $10 fee per guest. Sorry guests are not permitted to take PE Classes or participate in any other planned programs.
  • Physical Education Classes - Fee classes in a wide variety of fitness activities and lifetime sports are offered during the fall and spring semesters as well as the summer term. For specific information pick up a course schedule at the Lobby Desk or call 432-1431.


Academic Prices 2015-2016 Available starting Aug 18th 2015
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Faculty & Staff Employees/Post Docs/Hospital Staff/ Spouses Membership Rates
 Annual       $360 each            Semester        $120 each
Academic        $270 each               1 month     $30 each

Alumnus/Area Student/ NH Services/ Spouses Membership Rates
Yale Alumnus/ Current area college students/ New Haven Police, Fire Other New Haven Services/ Spouses of each Category   
Annual            $420 each            Semester       $140 each
Academic        $315 each             1 month        $35 each

Student’s Spouses  (Only offered in the PWG Office not Online)
Spouses of any Yale Student
Annual           $168 each            Semester      $75 each
Academic       $135 each               1 month  $16 each

Visiting Associate/ Visitors/Spouses (Only offered in the PWG Office not Online)

Includes but not limited to: Post Grad Fellows/ Visiting Students/ Visiting Fellows/ Visiting Research and Research Associates/ Visiting Scholars/ Visiting Scientist/ Interns/ Lab Associates/ Trainees/ Spouses of each category
Annual           $216 each          Semester       $72 each
Academic       $162 each              1 month    $18 each

Continuing Memberships Categories

Membership options include a month-to-month plan that is billed to a credit card.
A contract of 4 months is applied.  You may cancel after your 5 month contract.if
You may upgrade and add towel service for additional price! See detail below
if you cancel your membership before your 5 month contract, theirs is a fee of 25.00

                              Faculty               Alumnus/Area Student      Visiting Associate          
                         Employee/Spouse   NH Services / Spouse        Visitors/spouses
                               Monthly                Monthly                                 Monthly            
Cont. w/ towel        $34.50                $38.50                                      $20.50        

Cont. w/ no towel    $27.00                $32.00                                      $16.00        

Locker Options Plus

Lockers are available to Fitness and Recreation Center members.  All lockers are issued on a first come, first serve basis. You can also purchase annual locker online. We have various sizes of locker to suit your needs.                               
            Platinum      Premium         Gold              Silver
             Locker           Gold           Locker            Locker
Size:   18x18x42        18x18x72       15x18x72     15x18x36

Floor:            2nd        3rd                 3rd               3rd & 4th     
Annual          $96        $84               $72                 $60

Academic       $81       $72               $63                 $54

Semester       $40        $36              $32                 $28

Locker Size Descriptions
  • Platinum Locker A wide "oversized" model (18x18x42) with a solid metal front and includes a PWG combination lock.
  • Gold Locker A narrow "full length" model (15x18x72) with a mesh front and includes a PWG combination lock.
  • Silver Locker A "half length" model (15x18x36) with a mesh front and includes a PWG combination lock.
  • Transient Locker A coin-operated, key access, cubical model intended for daily use only with no overnight storage of personal items. These lockers are located only in the 3rd floor locker rooms.
Locker Room Descriptions 
  • 2ND Floor Locker Rooms
    Centrally located with unique architectural detail, private shower and drying areas, and equipped only with platinum model lockers. Our only air-conditioned locker rooms!
  • 3RD Floor Locker Rooms
    Located near the practice pool, curtained showers, equipped with gold, silver and transient model lockers. Our saunas are located in these rooms.
  • 4TH Floor Locker Rooms
    Located near the squash complex and down the hall from the fitness center, curtained showers, equipped only with silver model lockers.


Towel Service Options

Payne Whitney Gym operates a towel service at the Main lobby desk that is available for PWG Members. Towel service is NOT included with membership; however, it can be purchased or added to your membership for a fee.

Term            Fee

Annual          $90

Academic         $67.50

Semester         $30



Refund Policy:  Refunds for medical reasons or departure from the University may be requested at the Membership Office.  Appropriate documentation may be required.  Refund amounts are prorated from the date of request to the date of expiration and include a $25 administrative fee.