Travel form

Club Sport Travel Form. Fill out two weeks to 10 days before travel. Club Sports will send a confirmation e-mail or call indicating you have been approved for travel. Generally in the week preceding your travel. You can’t travel unless you have received the e-mail or a phone call. All club sport drivers need to take the “Yale Driver’s Awareness Class” and fill out the “Club Sport Driver’s Form.” If you want to request a bus please fill out the “Bus Request Form” as far in advance as possible.

Event information
Enter all information about the event.
Departure (PWG/New Haven)
I need all information or form will not be approved.
Departure (event site)
Lodging arrangements
Yale Club officer and team information
Indicate with a asterisk* if coach is traveling & double asterisk** if a driver.
List driver(s) for this trip. Without the driver's names the form can't be approved.
Any other details that would be helpful, flight numbers etc.