Club Sport Regulations


1.      Handbook: You are responsible for adhering to all the policies and regulations in the Yale Club Sports Handbook . “We didn’t know,” is not an acceptable excuse. Please ask if you have a question about any procedure or policy before you act.

2.      Hazing: Hazing, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited. A complete definition is written in the Club Sports Handbook and the Yale Undergraduate Regulations. “Hazing” is not limited to but includes, “an initiation social gathering directly or indirectly pressuring someone to consume alcohol (or other substances) or perform degrading acts at a club-sport-related event.” Your team will be strongly disciplined if any form of psychological or physical hazing, initiation or bullying occurs. Additionally, all those involved will be brought in front of the ExComm. This is a very serious infraction.

3.      Alcohol: Any alcohol consumption in conjunction with any club sport event—either on or off the field-of-play or when travelling/lodging—is strictly prohibited.

4.      Contest Agreements: We require a written Agreement, which our office will create and forward to you for signature, before every home contest. This is so we are all in agreement, bound by a “contract,” with what your club and the Athletics Dept. understand will (and won’t) take place at your event. Please inquire to the office if you don’t receive one beforehand. You will also be required to submit a detailed “Contest Management Plan” in advance.

5.      Event Supervisor: We require an event supervisor, usually student worker or coach, to help you supervise your event on-site. That cost will be covered by your club budget.

6.      Safety Personnel: All water sports require a lifeguard for practices and competitions. All high-risk activities require a certified coach or qualified “adult” supervisor. All high-risk (high impact) sports, and all tournaments, require EMTs/EMS. Please coordinate this with the club sports office. These costs will be covered by your club.

7.      Travel: All club travel, drivers and vehicles must be approved in advance with the appropriate paperwork on file. An online Yale Drivers Awareness course is required for anyone driving other students.

8.      Scheduling: You may not schedule a home contest without gaining prior approval for the facility. Heavy rain and ponding on fields cancels all outdoor contests due to risk of injury and field damage.

9.      Captains: Current club captains are responsible for training their successors for next season. It is unacceptable for you to vote on new team leadership and then allow them to “figure it out themselves” next season, including the inner workings of your team, Club Sports office procedures, your equipment, fundraising and proper facility use, including staying within your available budget.

10.  Cleanup: You are responsible for cleaning up after your practices and contests, which includes all trash, foods, beverage containers and returning equipment in good condition to its proper storage place. If you don’t, you will be charged a time-and-a-half custodial fee, in addition to being put on probation. Being allowed to use fields or indoor facilities or equipment is a privilege.

11.  Office: Do not contact other facility managers, varsity coaches or administrators directly, unless they invite you to do so. They are all extremely busy, and that is why the Club Sports office is here. Route all inquiries or issues through our office first.

12.  Travel Notice: Give us plenty of notice to approve your travel or facility request. Frequently, these need to be passed through more offices than just Club Sports.

13.  Payments: You may not pay any coach, trainer, referee or event official directly. This must come through the Club Sports office and needs approval. Hiring a coach or trainer is a lengthy and regimented process, and requires direct communication with the CS office and a Yale background check. Likewise, you may not “sell” lessons for your sport fundraising. Payment is from your budget.

14.  Parking: No parking on the fields. The gates at the fields are locked after 3:30 pm weekdays and all weekend. Please park your cars (and your opponent cars and buses) on Central Avenue.

15.  Grants: You may not apply on your own for any type of funding grant. There are extremely strict and lengthy university and government regulations in place for this, which are controlled by the Provost and Grants & Contracts offices.

16.  Home Contests: Before requesting a contest, please consult with the CS office assistant to be sure there is minimal impact from scheduled varsity contests or non-Yale tournaments. You may not host a home outdoor contest during home football events or on the Sunday morning immediately following home games (due to field clean-up).

17.  Field Safety: Despite the after-football professional clean-up effort by the Grounds crew, be sure to police your fields for broken glass and bottle caps following every home football contest. Wear appropriate protective gloves, which are provided for loan in the club office or intramural field office upon request.

18. Posters and Flyers: Ensure that all members of your club are familiar with the section of the Yale College Undergraduate Regulations pertaining to legal “Posters and Publicity” ( ; specifically, Student Activities and Extracurricular Activities, Section J).

19. Behavior: You (and your coach, if applicable) agree to represent Yale in the highest standard of behavior, which includes NO: unsportsmanlike conduct, disregard of personal or school property (here or away), foul language, indecent exposure, alcohol/drug consumption, club advertising or promotion relating to alcohol, mistreatment of contest officials, disregard of university policies, bullying or disregarding contest supervisor or medical/emergency personnel directives.

20. Emergencies: If a player is badly injured or appears to have extreme heat exhaustion (more than a sprain or just Band-Aids, water, shade or ice can help), and you have no EMT or trainer on site, call 911. Assign a teammate to stand on the street to flag down and direct the ambulance to the injured person. Do not transport that person yourself. Do not move the person if you suspect head, neck, torso or spine trauma. Complete an accident report form (available in the IM field office and Club Sports office) as soon as possible thereafter. Be sure to record the injured person’s full name, contact information, how injury occurred, how it was treated, the time, date and location (of injury on body and area facility) as well as witness name and contact information. If you are outdoors and there is lightening or thunder, all play must stop and players must seek immediate cover. Play may not resume until one half-hour after last lightening is seen or thunder is heard. If you spot a suspicious person, activity or suspicious package/backpack in the vicinity, contact campus police or 911 immediately.

21. Logos/Apparel: All club/team apparel, websites, newsletters, posters and similar items may only use official Yale logos, colors and fonts. For clarification, please check with the Club Sports office or the office of Marketing and Trademark Licensing or research fonts here:

22. Dues/Funding: As a prerequisite of applying for funding through the Club Sports office (Club Sports Advisory Board), your club must demonstrate an effort to acquire partial fundraising from its own sources, which includes alumni/parent donations and annual dues from club participants. You will be asked to outline these amounts and their purpose/use in your budget request application to the CSAB.

23. Drones: Yale’s strict drone/unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) policy applies to “the operation by any person of an UAS on or above University property.” The policy requires that all drone/UAS activities be reviewed and authorized by the Environmental Health & Safety Department and the Office of Risk Management. 

24. Contract Agreements: A student should NOT sign agreements on behalf of the university—you could be held individually liable/responsible for anything that happens. Please check with the CS office before signing any contract or agreement.