FIFA 20 Rules


Tournament Rules

  • Xbox One and Playstation 4 participants will be placed into two separate brackets.

  • Both tournaments will consist of single-elimination matches with random seeding.

Setup Guide

  • Email your partner to schedule a match time and exchange gamertags.

  • Add your partner’s gamertag as a friend prior to the scheduled start time.

  • Designate one player to create a private room and invite the other participant.

General Guidelines 

  • If a participant is late to a scheduled match by more than fifteen minutes, then they must forfeit the match.

  • Matches will consist of a best-of-three set of games.

  • In the first game of each match, side selection will be determined by a coin flip. In each of the following games, the loser of the previous game receives side selection.

In-Game Settings

  • Every player is allowed to pick their preferred CLUB team. 

  • Players are allowed to change teams throughout the tournament as they please.

  • Games played via FIFA Head to Head (H2H) FRIENDLY mode

  • Half length: 5 minutes

  • Controls: Any

  • Difficulty/Skill Level: Professional 

  • Game Speed: Normal

  • Stadium: Home team stadium

  • Squad Type: Online

(Alternative settings are permitted if both teams agree to them prior to the start of the match.)