Personal Training Instructors

Tania Quiñones, BA, Medical Fitness Therapy Specialist    Specializing in Injury Rehab, Post-Op, Prescription for Pain Management, Corrective Postural Alignment, Targeted Deep Muscle Tissue Release for Improved Flexibility/Balance/Coordination, Bodybuilding/Bodysculpting/Pageant Contest Prep & Precision Nutrition. IFPA CPT, Medical Fitness Therapy Specialist, Special Populations Certified, PNF Stretching Certified, Sports Nutrition Certified, Licensed DietDoc Nutritional Coach.
Nick Spoganetz, BS Exercise Science – Focus in College on Human Performance. Experience in strength & conditioning and functional movement training. Passion for motivation and mindset prepping. Experience working with younger athletes and older clients. Focus in posture and proper training to become healthier.
Ali Bailey, NASM Personal/Group Passion for Zumba, personal training, and self-growth. Father is former body-builder, loves health and wellness industry. Looks to lead anyone needing guidance, knowledge, or interested in life-long learning. Experience working with athletes, models, actors, and bodybuilding competitors.
Joe Capela AFPA Certified Personal Trainer with experience working with USA Football and UNH Football. Specialize in athletic training, youth fitness with both high school and collegiate level, and experience in instructing group/bootcamp style classes.