Yoga Instructors

Amy Kennedy Valente has been practicing the art of Dance since she was able to walk. She was a Modern Dance Major at North Carolina School of the Arts, where she studied Graham and Cunningham technique.  She also was fortunate to have studied at The New Haven Ballet, The Hartford Ballet, both Trinity and Connecticut Colleges and a myriad of other studios. She has performed with 2 Ct. based companies who toured throughout New England, and New York. She had the good fortune of having a Yoga Mentor who she has been able to study with as well for the last 6 years.  Her teaching experience has included master classes at various colleges and private studios in CT. She’s also been teaching here at Yale for 13 years, guest teaching at Quinnipiac University as a Yoga Instructor as well as a Dance Instructor, Fairfield University, and she has also been teaching Yoga on the Beach in East Haven, Ct. through the summer months. She has a Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification, as well as a Special Population Yoga Teacher Certification, and a Master Balletone Certification in Standing Flow, and Sole Synthesis
Lyn H. Baumgartner  is a certified yoga instructor trained in the Iyengar style of Hatha Yoga. Lyn received her certification after a yearlong  intensive study at the Center for Yoga and Healing Arts in Amherst, Ma. As a teacher her intention is to create a class where each student is    able to build a safe and satisfying practice regardless of ability or experience. Lyn challenges her students to explore possibilities and to bring  passion and play into their lives through yoga. Lyn has been teaching at Payne Whitney Gym since 2005.
Hari Gopal Kaur  has been studying and teaching Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan (Deep Relaxation in the True Identity, Healing Technique derived from Kundalini Yoga) since 1997 in New York and abroad. She is a certified K.R.I Level One and Level Two Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Member of IKYTA. She was under the tutelage of Sat Jivan Kaur Khalsa and Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa of Kundalini Yoga East, New York for her Level One Training and for her Level Two under Karta Singh Khalsa, the Founder of the International Aquarian Academy Amrit Nam Sarovar in Le Martinet, France. Her commitment to practice and pass on the teachings in their authentic way as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is steadfast and sincere. It calls upon a tradition of discipline of a lifelong process of studying and excelling. She is trilingual, French, German, Italian and English and grew up in different cultural settings in Europe. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops @ Yale University, New Haven, CT, at the UN in New York City and at the Teacher Training Program for “Yoga for the People”. She teaches weekly at Kundalini Yoga East in NYC as well as Corporate and Private Kundalini Yoga Classes.
Emma Shansky  began practicing yoga as a means to cope with the stress of graduate school. She found the physical challenge of yoga to be a welcome distraction from long hours of studying and collecting data in the chemistry lab. Having been a dancer all her life, she discovered that this “distraction” was, in fact, a passion for movement that she had held her entire life. This discovery led her to quit school and chemistry altogether to begin performing and teaching dance again, as well as becoming a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. She now has a new career teaching dance, Pilates, and Yoga and loves to find creative ways to blend these methods. She has not set foot in a laboratory since and has never been happier.
Danielle Casioppo, MS, RYT  was introduced to Hatha yoga over 20 years ago and developed a steady practice through the years. Her passion for the ancient science of yoga drove her to become a certified Hatha-Tantra yoga teacher in the ParaYoga® lineage in 2011. She is also trained in Mindful Yoga Therapy through Embodyoga® and Mindful Resilience Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery through the Veteran’s Yoga Project ®. Danielle has traveled to India with her master teachers from the Himalayan Institute, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Rolf Sovik, Kathryn Templeton, and Rod Stryker, to study yoga and meditation. Since returning, she has expanded her study to include Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Suzanne Manafort and the lineage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. She regularly attends workshops, seminars and classes to enhance her knowledge, practice and teaching. Danielle is also Health Educator for Being Well at Yale, where she teaches stress management, meditation and relaxation programs.