Guest and Children’s Policy

Payne Whitney Gym Guest and Children’s Policy

Guest Policy

  • Members may purchase daily guest passes for up to two adult guests per day
  • Pass fees are $10 per guest
  • Guests must be accompanied throughout the visit by the sponsoring member and carry receipt of guest pass
  • Guests are entitled to use all gym facilities

Children’s Policy

  • Children 16 and over:
    • May use all facilities at any time, but must always pay the $10 guest fee
    • Can be sponsored by an adult member for a fulltime membership
  • Children under 16:
    • May use the facility at no charge during the academic term, but only on weekends
    • Limit of 3 children per adult member at any time
    • Must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult member
    • May only use the following facilities: pool during lap swim, indoor track, squash courts, basketball courts and dance/exercise rooms
    • Are NOT permitted in the Fitness Center at any time
    • Sponsoring members accompanying same gender children may use their assigned locker room for changing and showering
    • Sponsoring members accompanying opposite gender children may use the unisex changing room on the 4th floor
    • No day care services are provided
    • Infant carriages, carriers and strollers are NOT permitted in exercise spaces or on track.