League of Legends Rules

League of Legends

Tournament Rules

  • Format: 5v5 Summoner’s Rift Tournament Draft

  • Every match will be a best of 1 in a single elimination tournament beginning on 9/14.

  • Matches will be played once a week with time and date within the week decided by the 2 teams playing.

  • Teams will be created based on individual preferences and balanced ranks (not residential college).

  • Players on the Yale Esports A/B teams will not be eligible to compete in League IMs (due to high skill discrepancy).

Setup Guide

  • Enter a tournament code for a match by pressing play on the League client and the Trophy cup symbol in the upper right corner.

  • The tournament will be created using Battlefy (https://battlefy.com/)

    • Players are required to create a Battlefy account (free)

    • The custom game match will be created by Battlefy, and players will join using tournament codes provided on the website.

    • The winner of each match will be automatically recorded by Battlefy or can be manually recorded by the winning team.

General Guidelines

  • Teams which are 15 minutes late will forfeit their match.

  • Ethernet connections can increase network stability, but are not required.

In-Game Settings

  • No requirements.