Mario Kart Rules

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Note: Players on campus may experience connectivity issues; unfortunately, we are unable to resolve these at this time.

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will consist of single-elimination matches.

  • You will be randomly matched with other players with random seeding.

Setup Guide

  • Email your partner to set up a time to play together and to exchange Switch friend codes.

  • Add your partner as a friend on your Switch.

  • From the main menu of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, select “Online,” and then “Friends.”

  • Have one player create a room, and the other join the room of the first player.

General Guidelines

  • If a participant is late to a scheduled match by more than fifteen minutes, then they must forfeit the match.

  • You may use any characters and vehicle parts available to you.

  • You and your partner may decide what settings to use together; if you are unable to come to a decision, use the default settings below.

In-Game Settings

  • Mode: 150cc Race

  • Teams: No Teams

  • Items: Normal Items

  • Round Time: —–

  • COM: No COM

  • COM Vehicles: All Vehicles

  • Race Count: 4 Races (Star Cup)