Membership Services

Optional Member Services

Family Membership Option

Any member and spouse/partner who join at “standard” rate, may add children, ages 16 through 26, at $15 each/month. 

Towel Service

Receive a fresh, clean towel when you arrive at PWG. 

term fee
Month-to-month $15
Billed Monthly (open ended) $15

Locker Rental 

A limited number of lockers are available for rent during the selected membership term. Rental prices are based on locker size - half, full, or oversized - and selected membership term. Rental agreements terminate when the membership term expires and all items in the locker must be removed. Personal Items must be removed from the locker or they will be discarded. Coin-Operated Transient Lockers (daily use with no overnight storage) are available and located on the 3rd floor.

Locker Descriptions

Platinum Locker A wide “oversized” model (18x18x42) with a solid metal front and includes a PWG combination lock.
Premium gold locker (Men only) A very large “full length model (18x18x72) width a mesh front and a PWG combination lock.

Gold Locker

A very large “full length” model (18x18x72) with a mesh front and a PWG combination lock 

Silver Locker A “half length” model (15x18x36) with a mesh front and includes a PWG combination lock.
Transient Locker A coin-operated, key access, cubical model intended for daily use only with no overnight storage of personal items. These lockers are located only in the 3rd floor locker rooms.

Locker Rental Fees

  Platinum Locker 18X18X42 Premium Gold 18X18X72 Gold Locker 15X18X72 Silver Locker 15X18X36
Floor 2nd 3rd 3rd 3rd & 4th
12 months $96 $96 $84 $60
9 months $81 $81 $72 $54
4 months $40 $49 $36 $28

Locker Room Descriptions 

2nd Floor Centrally located with unique architectural detail, private shower and drying areas, and equipped only with platinum model lockers. Our only air-conditioned locker rooms!
3rd Floor  Located near the practice pool, curtained showers, equipped with gold, silver and transient model lockers. Our saunas are located in these rooms.
4th Floor Located near the squash complex and down the hall from the fitness center, curtained showers, equipped only with silver model lockers.

Guest Passes

Bring a friend with you on your next visit and show off the PWG. Members may purchase daily passes for up to two adult guests per day at the Membership Office or Lobby Desk. The guests accompanied throughout the visit by the sponsoring member are entitled to exercise or work out in the facilities within the appropriate guidelines. There is a $10 fee per guest. Sorry, guests are not permitted to take PE Classes or participate in any other planned programs.

Refund Policy

Refunds for medical reasons or departure from the University may be requested at the Membership Office.  Appropriate documentation may be required.  Refund amounts are prorated from the date of request to the date of expiration and include a $25 administrative fee. 

A maximum of 2 months refund can be applied to an “auto-billing” membership. 

Children’s Policy

Children under the age of 16 are welcomed to use the gym at no charge during the academic term, but on weekends and holidays ONLY. Children, under 16 must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult member. They may use the following facilities: lap swim, indoor track, squash courts, basketball courts and dance/exercise rooms, if open. Children under the age of 16 are NOT permitted in the Fitness Center at any time. No day care services are provided on site. Infant carriages, carriers and strollers are NOT permitted in exercise spaces or on track.

Sponsoring members accompanying same gender children may use their assigned locker room for changing and showering. Sponsoring members accompanying opposite gender children may use the Unisex Changing Room on the 4th floor, near the Fitness Center. See the lobby attendant for the room access code.

Limit of 3 children per adult sponsoring member at any time.

Children 16 and over may use the facility at any time, but must always pay the $10 Guest Fee.