PWG - Faculty & Staff Memberships FAQ


Below you will find frequently asked questions about returning to the PWG and reactivating or enrolling in your membership.   

When can I resume visiting the PWG to exercise?  

Fully vaccinated Yale Faculty and Staff can resume their visits beginning on Tuesday, September 7th. Prior to your first visit to exercise you will need to reactivate your membership.  

Do I need to be vaccinated to use the PWG? 

Yes, all Yale Faculty and Staff wishing to reactivate or enroll in a PWG membership must be fully vaccinated.  

Fully vaccinated individuals are those who have received their second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccination or those who have receive their Johnson and Johnson vaccination dose two weeks prior to the reactivation date of their membership.  

  • Example 1 – Moderna Vaccination 2nd dose administered on 8/23/21. Membership reactivation can occur on or after 9/7/21.   

  • Example 2 – Johnson and Johnson Vaccination dose administered on 8/30/21. Membership reactivation can occur on or after 9/14/21 

Faculty and Staff members can provide proof of vaccination via the actual vaccination card or a photo of the card.  

 Faculty and Staff who have received a vaccination exemption from university are not permitted to reactivate or enroll in a PWG membership at this time.  

Will I need to wear a face covering?   

Yes, as per university guidelines members and staff will be required to wear a face covering when visiting and working out in the PWG.  

 Face coverings may be removed when actively hydrating, swimming, and showering.   

 Click Here for information on face coverings.  

How do I reactivate my membership? 

Fully vaccinated Yale Faculty and Staff can reactivate their membership by visiting the Membership Services office within the lobby of the PWG.  The Membership Service office reopens on Tuesday, August 31st. 

 Upon reactivating your membership, you will need to either verify or add a payment method to your account as well as provide proof of vaccination. Faculty and Staff members can provide proof of vaccination via the actual vaccination card or a photo of the card.  

Click Here for Membership Service Office Hours

 Can I reactivate my membership online? 

No, due to the proof of vaccination requirement we cannot reactivate memberships online.  

I have never been a member of the PWG, can I enroll?

Yes, we are accepting new fully vaccinated Yale Faculty and Staff members.  

 What is my membership rate? 

We have not altered membership rates since our closure in March 2020. When reactivating your membership, we will confirm your current rate and payment method.  

Click Here for current membership rates.  

 Can my spouse and household member join or reactivate their membership(s)? 

No, not at this time. We are following the Yale visitor guidelines and only current vaccinated Yale students, faculty, and staff are permitted to enter the PWG. 

 What are the hours of the PWG?   

 Will I need to make a reservation to work out?  

No, beginning Monday, August 30th reservations are no longer required for the PWG.   

 What safety protocols are in place? 

The PWG will continue with several safety protocols including face coverings, socially distanced equipment, enhanced cleaning, and enhanced air ventilation.   

 Will I need to socially distance during activities? 

As all members are vaccinated, they may fully engage in all activities.  

  What activity spaces will be available to members? 

We will reopen all of our recreation activity spaces including the Israel Fitness Center, Lanman Center, indoor track, 3rd floor pool, 5th floor activity spaces and studios, and 8th floor activity space.  The Brady Squash Center will remain closed to members until at least October 1st.  

 Whatrecreationalprograms will be available toFacultyandStaffmembers? 

We will resume Group Fitness and Wellness (formerly Physical Education classes), Personal Training, and Undergraduate Intramurals, and Grad/Pro Intramurals.   

Will locker rooms and showers be available to members? 

Yes, locker rooms and showers will be available to members this fall.   

Saunas will remain closed throughout the fall. We will reassessreopeningoursaunasin January.  

 Will locker rentals be available to members? 

Yes, locker rentals will be available for purchase.  

Members who had locker rentals prior to our closure in March 2020 may resume their locker rentals. Personal items from rented lockers were not removed unless we were instructed by the member, or the locker rental expired prior to September 2020.  

Will towel service be available to members? 

No, towel service will remain suspended throughout the fall. We will reassess this service in January.   

 What happens if I do not wish to reactivate my membership?  

We ask that you please let us know that you will be cancelling your membership. You can email us at   

  What happens if there is a future university or Faculty and Staff membership freeze due to the ongoing pandemic?  

As was the case with our closure in March 2020 we will freeze any monthly billed memberships and refund any memberships purchased upfront on a prorated basis.