Yale Retiree Memberships

We are happy to welcome back our Yale Retirees beginning on Wednesday, June 1st.

Yale Retiree Memberships

Available to all retired Yale , Yale Health, and YNHH Faculty & Staff.
Individuals must provide proof of retirement from Yale University, Yale Health, or YNHH.  Proof of retirement includes documentation from the Yale University or YNHH Human Resources including either a letter or an email  sent to pwg@yale.edu confirming retirement. 

Yale Retiree membership categories rates
Agreement Billing monthly membership
(7% discount)
does not expire unless canceled by member.
membership fee auto billed to credit/debit card each month
paid in full annual membership
(5% discount)
paid in full at the time of activiation.
expires 12 calendar months from the date of activation.
paid in full monthly membership

paid in full at the time of activiation.
multiple months may be purchased at the time of activation.
expires 1 calendar month from the date of activation. 

(Multiple months may be purchased)