Campus Recreation & PWG Directory

Name/Facility Position/Program Area Phone Number Email
Bunny Longyear Gymnasium Operations Assistant
Carlos Pinela Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities & Operations; Director of Aquatics 203.432.2496
Cassie Bishop Graduate & Professional Intramurals 203.432.7784
Cassie Bishop Coordinator of Camps Recreation Operations & Competitive Sports 203.432.7784
Elizabeth Lenart Coordinator of Fitness, Wellness, & Instructional Programs 203.432.2487
Elizabeth Lenart Personal Training 203.432.2487
Elizabeth Lenart Fitness & Wellness Classes 203.432.2487
Ingalls Rink 203.432.0876
Leigh Ann Fitzpatrick Club Sports & Outdoor Education 203.432.2492
Leigh Ann Fitzpatrick Administrative Assistant, Recreation 203.432.2492
McNay Family Sailing Center 203-488-9330
Outdoor Education Center Outdoor Education Center 203-432-2492
Payne Whitney Gymnasium General Information Payne Whitney Gymnasium 203-432-1444
PWG Personal Training
PWG Graduate/Professional Intramurals
Ryan Hagen Associate Athletic Director, Payne Whitney Gymnasium & Campus Recreation 203.432.1422
The Course at Yale 203-392-2306
Tom Migdalski Undergraduate Intramurals 203.432.2484
Tom Migdalski Club Sports 203.432.2484
Tom Migdalski Outdoor Education Center 203.432.2484
Tom Migdalski Director of Club Sports, Outdoor Education Center and Undergraduate Intramurals 203.432.2484
Vernon Melton Sr. Gymnasium Operations Assistant
Verone Hendrix Gymnasium Operations Assistant