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Due to special events, varsity practices OR Intramural contests,  the Bekenstein Courts and/or the Greenberg Brothers Track in the Lanman Center will be closed the following dates and times in March & April 2015:

  • Monday 23 March through Thursday 26 March,...

The PWG regular lap swim schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays: 10am-2pm & 6-8pm (3rd floor pool); 
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 6-8am, 10am-2pm and 6-8pm (3rd floor pool);
  • Saturdays & Sundays: 10am - 3pm (...

There is no better way to get back in shape than to work with a Personal Trainer.  Our new program of Personal Training Services, now available at the Israel Fitness Center, has received rave reviews by the Yale Community.  Why not treat yourself to a series of...

The hours for Payne Whitney Gym are:

Academic Term:

  • Monday – Thursday 6AM-10PM
  • Friday 6AM – 8PM
  • Weekends 9:30AM -- 4:30PM

Spring Break (March 7-22, 2015):

  • Monday - Friday 6AM-8PM...

Our indoor season has begun here at the Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center.  Yale University undergraduate students do not pay a membership fee to play.  Undergraduate students must present a full-time valid Yale ID card before playing.

Students pay $20 per court per hour at all...