Graduate & Professional Intramurals

Grad/Pro Intramurals

What are Graduate & Professional Intramurals?

The Graduate & Professional Intramural (Grad/Pro IM) Program provides an opportunity for Yale Graduate Students, Yale Faculty/Staff, and their Spouses to engage in recreational sports. 

Grad/Pro IMs offers volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and ultimate sport leagues throughout the year. 

The season format usually consists of round-robin play followed by playoffs. All games are played on Sundays during the academic year and on weekday evenings during the summer. The length of the schedules and quantity of games reflects the number of registered teams and the availability of facilities. 

Who can participate?

Grad/Pro IMs are open to the following participants:

Current Yale Graduate Students

Current Yale Faculty/Staff and Yale New Haven Hospital Employees Faculty/Staff who have a current PWG Membership

Spouses who are 18 years of age above and have a current PWG Household Membership

What sports are offered and how can I register?

How do register a team for Grad/Pro IMs?

Typically teams are formed by program or graduate school, however any eligible participant can start their own team. To register a team, a participant will need toidentify themselves as a team captain and register their team via the Fusion Play Mobile App. 
Download the Mobile App for Apple iOS
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What if I do not have a team, can I join as a Free Agent?

Free agency is the process connecting individual participants who do not have a team to teams who are in search of additional participants. Yale Campus Recreation does not guarantee free agents will receive invites to join a team roster. Participants interested in becoming a Free Agent can register via the Fusion Play Mobile App.

Download the Mobile App for Apple iOS
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2023-2024 Sports Calendar & Registration Information

Season Sports Registration Dates Season Schedule Location
Fall Soccer
Season Closed Season Closed Yale Bowl Intramural Fields


Season Closed Season Closed Payne Whitney Gymnasium
Winter Volleyball
Season Closed

January 28th -
March 10th

Payne Whitney Gymnasium
Season Closed Sundays
January 28th -
March 10th
Payne Whitney Gymnasium
Spring Soccer
Registration Closed Sundays
March 24th - 
April 28th
Yale Bowl Intramural Fields
Registration Closed Sundays
March 24th - 
April 28th
Yale Bowl Intramural Fields
Registration Closed Sundays
March 24th - 
April 28th
Yale Bowl Intramural Fields


Monday, May 13th - 
Wednesday, May 29th

Tuesdays & Thursdays
5pm - 7pm

June 4th –
August 22nd

Yale Bowl Intramural Fields

Season dates subject to change. Captains will be notified of any changes. 

What are the levels of play?

Competitive Leagues are designed for teams who want to play a fast-paced game with a high degree of skill. While still encompassing the intramural spirit, teams in the competitive level consist of experienced players looking to continue to play at a high-performance level.

Recreational Leagues are designed for teams of enthusiastic players with no gender requirements. Within the recreational league the level of skill may vary, but participants will be able to enjoy playing in a fun, social atmosphere.  

All leagues are considered Open-Gender. There are no gender requirements for teams, nor is anyone required to self-identity as a specific gender to play. 

What are the responsibilities of a team captain?

As a team captain it will be your responsibility to create and register your team. You will also serve as the point of contact to keep your team informed of schedules, guidelines, policies, and sport specific rules. 

Captains are expected to create and support an inclusive environment as well as promote positive behavior and sportsmanship amongst their teammates.

  • Complete registration thru the Fusion Play App.
  • Attend the scheduled captains meeting. If the captain cannot attend, a representative must be sent to the meeting instead.
  • Distribute important information and schedules to teammates.
  • Organize team equipment and supplies.
  • The grad-pro IM program does not supply any playing equipment.
  • Communicate with the coordinator and other captains of any scheduling requests in a timely manner.
  • Accountable for team’s sportsmanship
    • Captains should set an example for teammates by playing within the guidelines and exhibiting a high level of sportsmanship.
    • Captains should address player conduct situations involving their team before the on-site supervisor must intervene.
  • Be knowledgeable of all game and eligibility rules.
  • Ensure that all teammates meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Inform teammates of any scheduling changes and updates.

General Guidelines & Policies

Guideline & Policy Statement

The Yale University Department of Campus Recreation encourages and embraces the diverse recreation, leisure, and wellness needs of our community.  Our support of and ability to permit activities and behaviors may be limited and impacted by the following:

  • The health and safety of both the individual(s) and/or others.
  • The impact on others and their ability to enjoy, utilize or access our facilities, programs, and services. 
  • The impact or damage to our facilities and/or equipment.

The Department of Campus Recreation reserves to make final judgments for any activities, issues, or behaviors not directly addressed in the guidelines and policies below.  Members can e-mail for additional information or clarification as to if their activity is permitted in the PWG. 

The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to update, alter, or add guidelines and policies at any time. It is the responsibility of our members, guests, and participants to comply with the information listed below.

Sportsmanship, Misconduct & Possible Ejection

Intramural sports encompass a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the players. Competitive play in intramurals is appropriate, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors or the spirit of intramural comradery.

The designated captain is the team representative and is responsible for maintaining proper behavior and sportsmanship of their players and fans. Inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated. If unsportsmanlike conduct is continued after being asked to stop, the team(s) will be asked to leave the field and will receive a forfeit.

Continuous unsportsmanlike conduct by individuals or teams will lead to expulsion from the league.

Certain behavior deemed inappropriate by the referee/supervisor may result in a warning to or ejection of a player.

Examples of the behavior include but are not limited to:
  • Persistent infringement of the rules
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Foul or abusive language to players, supervisors and referees
  • Violent or dangerous actions
  • Serious foul play
When a player is ejected, they may be indefinitely suspended from all intramural sports pending a meeting with the Grad/Pro Intramural Coordinator and Associate Athletic Director.

Game Cancelations & Reschedules

If a game is cancelled by Yale Campus Recreation or University Facility Operations due to field availability or weather, captains will be notified via email. If the season’s time constraints allow games will be rescheduled. Games cancelled it will not be recorded as a win or loss for either team. If the games cannot be rescheduled, they will be nullified.

Cancellation or Rescheduling By Team

The captain of the team requesting to reschedule must contact the opposing captain and the IM coordinator by Friday at 3 pm prior to the contest weekend.

If the opposing team’s captain agrees to reschedule, then the captains and the coordinator will work to find a time that works for both teams.

If there are scheduling constraints and a time cannot be found the team requesting the reschedule will marked as a forfeit. 

The opposing team will receive a win by default and be awarded the default win points, which will be counted toward their final record.

If both teams need to reschedule a game, then they can work with the coordinator to find a time and date that works for both teams. If the captains cannot find a time that works for both teams, then the game will be recorded as a double forfeit. Teams will receive no points for or against.
Note: If there are extenuating circumstances, default points may be altered at the discretion of the coordinator. Coordinator may also choose to nullify game if appropriate. Games must be rescheduled at least one week prior to playoffs.


Protests involving eligibility may be made by any captain against any team and must be made during or immediately following a
contest. Protests will be addressed by the coordinator or on-site supervisor. Once notified, the team captain is required to present
that player’s valid Yale ID for verification to the on-site supervisor, referee or coordinator. If no ID is available, then the captain must
submit a brief statement that includes the name of the person in question and the circumstances of eligibility. If a person is found to
be ineligible, all games in which he/she participated are recorded as losses.
All other protests involving misinterpretation of the rules must be made at the time of incident. Play may be stopped and may not
continue until the protest is resolved on the spot by the captains with the aid of the governing rules of the game, or if necessary by
final decision of the on-site supervisor. Any team that disputes and refuses to continue play will forfeit the contest.

Sport Specific Rules

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