Personal Training Packages

Our Personal Training program offers fantastic one-on-one exercise guidance at competitive prices. These packages are specifically designed to develop permanent, positive changes to your health, your level of physical fitness and your overall well-being. Following your initial consultation, interview and body composition reports and analysis, your progress is carefully tracked over the course of your training program with periodic reevaluations to ensure that you are progressing at an appropriate pace toward meeting your ultimate fitness goals. 

We offer a variety of package options to meet your needs: 

  1. Personal Training 
  2. Partner Training
  3. Small Group Training 

Personal Training Packages

30 Minute Personal Training Sessions 

Before starting the 30 minute sessions, participants must complete a one-hour fitness assessment session. The one-hour session will include training consultation, body composition report and analysis and an introductory training session. Cost: $57 student/ $67 general member

Following your comprehensive fitness assessment you will have the option to purchase thirty minute training sessions, which are designed for those individuals who may be new to physical activity or who may prefer a shorter workout. Your exercise program will be designed, implemented and practiced during the 30 minute time frame.

1 Hour Personal Training sessions (OUR recommended and most popular package!)

These packages include a fitness assessment, body composition report and analysis, extensive warm-up and cool down, as well as exercises based on personal progression. This package is recommended for most individuals and is designed to address individual goals with practice and demonstration.

Personal Training Package Prices
Sessions Time Cost
1 session 1/2 hour $35
1 session

1 hour



5 sessions 1/2 hour $175
5 sessions 1 hour



10 sessions 1/2 hour $350
10 sessions 1 hour


$606/ faculty/staff

24 sessions 1/2 hour $840
24 sessions 1 hour



Partner Training Packages

Partner training sessions are available in the same format as the individual training packages. These training programs include consultation, body composition report and analysis, warm -up, cool - down and a recommended exercise plan that address each participants’ goals.

Partner training package prices per person
Sessions Cost
1 session



5 sessions



10 sessions



24 sessions



Small Group Training Package

Group training packages are available for small groups and teams. These packages give groups the option of working with a trainer to develop strength, agility and cardiovascular endurance. Each fitness prescription will be individual and sport specific to help increase overall health and performance. Call 203-432-0676 or visit the fitness center for more information.

3 Person Training Packages – Prices Per Person
1 session   $37  student $43 member
5 sessions $174 student $205 member
10 sessions $328 student  $388 member
24 sessions $700 Student $827 member
Questions about our package options?
Call 203-432-0676 with Any Questions and for team & large group pricing.