Club Sport Driver’s Form

This form is required of anyone driving for club sports, this includes drivers of personal, rental and zip cars. This form requires an electronic signature.

Driver info
Only US or Canadian licenses are allowed.
If you select NO you are not eligible to drive for club sports. You must have taken the Yale Driver's Awareness Class to drive for club sport purposes.
Your driving record

You must attest to a good driving record defined as (1) nothing more serious than a speeding or failure to obey traffic control infraction, (2) no more than 1 infraction in the past two years, (3) no at-fault accidents in the past two years.

If you answer Yes you must fill out the next section regarding your personal car.
Personal car info

You must attest to the following:

Snow Sports only
Alpine Ski, Nordi Ski, Snowboarding clubs--You are required to take four wheel drive vehicles.
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