One-Time Travel form

Club Sport Travel Form. Fill out two weeks to 10 days before travel. Club Sports will send a confirmation e-mail or call indicating you have been approved for travel. Generally in the week preceding your travel. You can’t travel unless you have received the e-mail or a phone call. All club sport drivers need to take the “Yale Driver’s Awareness Class” and fill out the “Club Sport Driver’s Form.” If you want to request a bus please fill out the “Bus Request Form” as far in advance as possible.

Event information
Enter all information about the event.
Estimate if exact time is not known.
City, State and School or other location. ie "Brown, Providence RI"
Full street address please.
Departure (PWG/New Haven)
I need all information or form will not be approved.
Departure (event site)
ie up and back to Hartford on Saturday and again on Sunday.
date/departure/return times
Overnight arrangements
ex. 2pm on Sat & 11am on Sun
Any other details that would be helpful, flight numbers, if cars are leaving at different times etc.
Negative Covid test within 72 hours of travel required for everyone on roster!
Yale Club officer and team information
Indicate with a asterisk* if coach is traveling & double asterisk** if a driver.
List driver(s) for this trip. Without the driver's names the form can't be approved.
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