PWG Jr. Household Sub-Memberships

We are happy to welcome back our Jr. Household Sub-Members beginning Tuesday, July 5th .

Jr. Household Sub-Memberships

Jr. Household Sub-Memberships are available to anyone within the household of a current PWG Member. This includes dependents of current PWG Members who are between 5 and 15 years of age.

Jr. Household Sub-Members are sponsored by the current PWG Member. 

  • Yale Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni must be current PWG Members to sponsor a Jr. Household Sub-Member. 
  • Both the sponsoring PWG Member and the Jr. Household Sub-Member must be present at the time of Jr. Household Sub-Membership activation. 
  • If the sponsoring PWG Membership expires, is canceled, or terminated, the Jr. Household Sub-Membership will also expire.
  • PWG Members are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their sponsored Jr. Household Sub-Member. 
  • PWG Members must be the legal guardian of the Jr. Household Sub-Member.
  • Jr. Household Sub-Members must be always accompanied by their PWG Member/legal guardian within PWG.
  • Access for Jr. Household Sub-Members is limited to Saturdays and Sundays throughout the calendar year and designated University Recesses. Click Here for a full calendar. 
  • Rates for Jr. Household Sub-Memberships do not include the membership fee for the sponsoring PWG Member. 
  • PWG Members may sponsor up to four Jr. Household Sub-Members at one time.
  • Individuals must provide proof of legal guardianship. 
  • To use the PWG pools, Jr. Household Members must be able to complete the swim test (one lap in the pool). 
Jr. household sub-membership categories Rates
paid in full Agreement Billing monthly membership
(16% discount)
does not expire unless canceled by member.
membership fee auto billed to credit/debit card each month.
paid in full annual membership
(9% discount)
paid in full at the time of activiation.
expires 12 calendar months from the date of activation.
paid in full monthly membership

paid in full at the time of activiation.
multiple months may be purchased at the time of activation.
expires 1 calendar month from the date of activation.