Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center

Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center

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The Yale tennis facilities are easily among the best in the world. The outdoor courts provide a perfect tennis background with a combination of pine trees and Yale blue wind screens surrounding each court. Picturesque silhouettes of the famous Yale Bowl and Walter Camp Gate can be seen from the entire outdoor venue, which also includes a beautiful courtyard with picnic benches and a lush grass surface that is outlined by a new brick surface.

The complex consists of 22 outdoor Deco Turf II courts and eight indoor courts.

The indoor facility, Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center, has a large viewing area, locker rooms and a reception area. In 2011, electronic scoreboards for each individual court as well as a master scorebaord were installed.  Cullman-Heyman – which was renovated, expanded and resurfaced in 2008 – is often used for winter and spring matches and practice until the weather permits outdoor play.

The complex, three miles from the campus, is situated next to the Joel E. Smilow ‘54 Field Center, the building that houses one of the athletic training and weight lifting areas used by Yale tennis players