Concussion Information

Concussion Information and Protocol How to Recognize a Concussion:
If any of the following signs or symptoms are present following an injury, fall, collision or blow to the head, the club-sport participant should be suspected of having a concussion and immediately removed from practice, competition or training: • Dazed, blank or vacant look. • Lying motionless on ground/slow to get up. • Unsteady on feet/balance problems or falling over/incoordination. • Loss of consciousness or responsiveness. • Confused/not aware of plays or events. • Grabbing/clutching of head. • Seizure (spells). • More emotional/irritable than normal for that person. Symptoms of Concussion: Presence of any one or more of the following signs and symptoms may suggest a concussion: • Headache • Dizziness 10 • Mental clouding, confusion, or feeling slowed down • Visual problems • Nausea or vomiting • Fatigue • Drowsiness/feeling “in a fog” / difficulty concentrating • “Pressure in head” • Sensitivity to light or noise

On-Field / On-Court Management of Suspected Concussion:
Any club-sport athlete with a suspected concussion should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PLAY using appropriate emergency management procedures. Once safely removed from play, the injured player must not return to activity until he/she is assessed medically. If a neck injury/severe neck pain is suspected/reported, the player should only be moved by trained emergency healthcare professionals. Teammates, medical personnel, event supervisors, coaches or match officials who suspect a player may have concussion MUST do their best to ensure that the player is removed from the field/court/pool in a safe manner and prevented from returning to play until evaluated by a doctor. Additionally, the injured person should not be left alone in the first 24 hours, and should not drive a motor vehicle until provided with medical or healthcare professional clearance.

If ANY of the following are subsequently/later reported by a participant, that player should be transported for urgent medical assessment:
• Severe neck pain • Deteriorating consciousness (more drowsy) • Increasing confusion or irritability • Severe or increasing headache • Repeated vomiting • Unusual behavior change • Seizure (spells) • Double/blurred vision • Weakness or tingling/burning in arms or legs • In all cases of suspected concussion, the player must seek or be referred to a medical or healthcare professional for diagnosis and guidance, even if the symptoms disappear. Before restarting activity, the player must be symptom free and cleared for participation by a medical healthcare provider. Treatment for a concussion may include rest, avoiding all strenuous physical activity, and avoiding excessive brain and eye use, including reading, doing homework, watching TV/videos, playing video games, etc.…