Club Sports Forms

Travel Form for Club Sports 

This webform must be turned in at least two weeks ahead of travel. The form will be reviewed by the Club Sport Director. An e-mail telling you that travel has been approved will be sent, you can’t travel without approval. Call the office with any questions about travel or the form 203-432-2492.

Driver’s Awareness Class (required before you can fill out a Driver’s Form)

The online class about driving safety is managed through Fleet Management. This class is required for anyone driving for Club Sports. The online course takes 30-45 minutes to complete. You must take this every four years.

Click here to access the Online Course.

Driver’s Form for Club Sports

This webform is required for each driver on your Travel Form.

Bus Request Form for Club Sports    

Funding responsibility will be decided by the Club Sport Director. Out-of Region Travel must be applied for separately, with as much advance notice as possible.

Practice Travel Form 

The practice travel form is used to inform the Club Sports Office about travel to off-campus venues that repeats weekly.  This form needs to be filled out at the start of each semester.

Practice Travel Form

Additional Forms for Club Sport

Team treasurers please turn in the Reimbursement Form with original receipts and/or google directions showing mileage attached.  All receipts need to be turned in within 90 days -including mileage! Call the office with any questions 2-2492.

Attachment File Size
Reimbursement Form for Treasurers  
Mileage Record Form 24 KB
Accident Report Form 32 KB
Club Sports Registration Form 35 KB
Club Sports Roster Form 25.5 KB
Club Sports Match Schedule Form 23.5 KB
Club Sports Year-End Report Form 22 KB
Club Sports Out-of-Region Travel Petition Outline  29.5 KB
International Travel Petition 11.9 KB
Club Sport Constitution template 25 KB

Club Sport Coach Handbook

Club Sport Tournament Request Form

Club Sport Facility Request Form 

Club Sport Contest Management Outline